Dear investors, at this stage, Ahedgefund is on "closed" sales. To apply for a purchase, you need to fill out a form. Sales managers will contact you within 24 hours after reviewing the request.
ICO Ahedgefund sagl starts 1.10.2018
Any investor using cryptocurrencies and tokens faces the risk of a sharp change in the exchange rate or the issuer's default.
Cryptocurrency is considered as one of the riskiest investment. Therefore investor is seeking for a tool for risks hedging. AHedgeFund strives to bring institutional-class securities to the crypto world. We will develop a swap execution platform within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and introduce swap contracts which are proven to hedge against currency volatility, company impairment and defaults in the traditional market, and they can be replicated for crypto assets. Our first target will be hedging against the decline in Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange rates.
To achieve this, we will create a swap execution platform on the Ethereum blockchain that will use smart contracts for automatic transactions.
100 M of AHF tokens
Ahedgefund is an investment fund based in Switzerland, created to develop and launch a market for cryptocurrency risk hedging. 130 M AHF tokens are emitted at a basic price of 1 CHF for fund formation and future dividends distribution.
are used to form the reserve fund for future insurance cases
are used to launch an automatic blockchian system for credit default swaps for cryptocurrency risks hedging
are used in marketing and personnel purposes
20 M of AHF tokens
10 M of AHF tokens
Investors of Ahedgefund purchase AHF tokens
Clients interested in risks hedging purchase CDST through the special blockchain system
Income received from sales of CDST is divided into two parts: 50% to reserve fund for insurance cases, 50% are automaticaly distributed to tokenholders of AHF
Client receives the security's premium in credit event within the duration period
When purchasing an AHF token, the investor gets a right on the profit share of Ahedgefund. 50% of Ahedgefund profit will be distibuted between all 130 M AHF tokens.
Dividends will be transferred automaticaty through the Ethereum smart contract to AHF tokenholders. Financial modeling has forecasted 140% profit per year.
$221 B
daily trading volume of
TOP-20 of the world's largest stock exchanges
24,9 B
derivatives issued last year by the world's largest stock markets
cryptocurrency market capitalization
The return on investment is calculated to be CHF 1.45/year per token minimum, under the assumption that trading volume doesn't fall below $8 billion per day and we reach a target of 0.1% market share in one year.
Piermaria Foletto
M.Sc in Economics. Experienced international tax consultant. President of Vicenza ODCEC chapter (Commission for the tax assesments/disputes).
CEO at Ahedgefund Sagl Switzerland
PhD in Economics, co-author of the Regional Development Strategy, Investment Strategy of the Novosibirsk region.
Lead economist Ahedgefund Sagl Switzerland
Yury Komarov
Formerly software architect in IBM ISG remote team.
CTO Ahedgefund Sagl Switzerland
Vitaly Belekhov
Ksenia Erdmann
More than 10 years in marketing and public relations in IT, retail, pharmacy, social projects including crowdfunding.
CMO at Ahedgefund Sagl Switzerland
CEO Healthmonitor.net, CEO S-54 Engineering & construction group, CEO Scientificcoin
CCO at Ahedgefund Sagl Switzerland
Maxim Dvedenidov
Ethereum Classic development team member.
Blockchain core implementation consultant
Alex Sudachen
Yury Zagorulko
Institute of Informatics Systems. A.P. Ershov Russian Academy of Sciences
Ph.D., Head of Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory, Member of the Academic Council
Artificial intelligence implementation consultant
In the stock market, there are tools that reflect the cost of credit risk in a near real-time mode – these are credit-default swaps.

Their main advantage is that they simultaneously and continuously evaluate hundreds of market participants, taking into account all the fundamental characteristics and information.

The CDS market is an indicator of an investor sentiment regarding the credit quality of a financial product.
/ CEO, Foletto Piermaria
We are glad to inform you that our team will present the Ahedgefund
project at BlockshowAmericas, which will be held in LAS VEGAS on AUGUST 20-21

ICO Ahedgefund sagl starts 31st August 2018
Viale Castagnola 27
6900 Lugano, Switzerland

Ahedgefund tokens and derivatives shall be registered in USA Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)